Friday, June 26, 2009

The Friday Fuck You-revisted

I had to pull this segment off the shelf. Yesterday I lost, we lost, one of the most influential musicians of all time. Period. A global phenom, people all over the world are in mourning. THE WORLD is missing a man, crying for a man. Do you realize the magnitude of that statement?

Yet and still we have a handful of haters, who want to cut short our time to grieve by highlighting his faults. I do not care what you thought about his personal demons. I don't. I miss Michael, my heart hurts. And so does the hearts of millions of others. These people have no cause to throw salt in our open wounds.

They are the specific target audience to which I am screaming FUCK. YOU.

If you do not respect the man, respect the man's talent. Respect his influence on pop culture. What is Rihanna's wardrobe without the Michael Jackson influence, who do Usher, Justin Timberlake, NeYo, Omarion, Chris Brown and all your other pop favs model themselves after? Look how much it costs to sample his songs (IF you get clearance)!

I am infuriated all over again!

I can only remind myself that it is not about the haters, it's about Mike. Last night I dug through some old pics looking for one particular Headstart photo. The three year old me wearing overalls with a Michael Jackson button on each side. Yeah, he was even with me on picture day. I was a serious, SERIOUS, Michael Jackson head as a kid. Most people have pics of stars in their bedroom, my Michael Jackson poster hung in the kitchen! If I was in the kitchen, so was Mike.

His music is the soundtrack to my childhood. I cannot separate the words "Michael Jackson" from "childhood", to lose Michael is to lose that symbol of my first few years. I cried for my loss today, I cried for his family, and I cried for those who can't see past his pain to honor his legacy.

And even though I cried for the haters, once the tears fell, I was back to those two words. FUCK YOU.