Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My Blogiversary

(Why do I hear Toni Tony Tone in my head, "its your anniversary"?)

On this day in 2008, I woke up with an odd pain in my back. I hadn't done anything freaky or fun the night before so I couldn't fathom what would cause me pain. And then it hit me.

More intense than the pain was the realization that I am getting old. Only old people have pain for no reason! I figured pretty soon I'll know when it's going to rain by the ache in my knee (you know every old person has that gift). In an effort to laugh, to keep from crying, I began chronicling my transition from late 20's to early 30's and folks this here blog is what we ended up with.

I made a few friends along the way. Most of them too shy to add their two sense *waves at friends on the west coast and in Europe who drop by now and then* . Love ya anyway!

What have I learned from this year?

-Grown up relationships are hard and need constant nurturing
-Mistakes don't matter nearly as much as what you learn from
-I have a shopping addiction
-With growth comes a bit of separation from those who have not evolved with you
-My biological clock needs some to be on some daylight savings asap, cuz we are not ready
-I am a behind schedule in terms of planning for my future

To name a few. I hope the lessons from my last year in my 20's are equally valid. I hope that when I fall down I can pick myself up again. I hope you guys are still along for the ride!

Happy Blogiversary!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Man of My Dreams

Yall don't even understand how pissed I was when I woke up this morning. After dreaming about being this man's significant other and all the goodness it bring....I woke up next to a totally different person, lol.
I love my baby but that was not a pleasant surprise!
My imagination is too wild at night.