Friday, April 3, 2009

The First 50

Here's a bit of word association. I saw it on a friend's Facebook page and decided to indulge. I've typed exactly what came to mind when I read the word. I'm on a mission to find out where my head is these days-figured this is a fine start!

The rules are as follows (in case you haven't got the jist of it and want to try it yourself);

Type what comes to mind FIRST whenever you see these 50 words. No second thoughts, no going back and changing things. It's not about being PC and it doesn’t matter how random it is!

1. Beer: I'd have to be tipsy first to enjoy one
2. Food: my weakness
3. Relationships: hard work
4. Crush: Common
5. Dreams: attaining them can be simple or complicated but you don't know until you try
6. Life: is a series of trials and errors
7. President: MAYBE
8. Yummy: indulge now feel guilty later
9. Cars: KB just might love them more than me
10. Movies: Dolby Digital
11. Halloween: for kids
12. Sex: *smiles*
13. Religion: my core
14. Hate: a word I use too liberally
15. Fear: failure
16. Marriage: next year?
17. Blondes:
18. Slippers: slipper socks are heaven
19. Shoes: beautiful and painful
20. Men: can't live with them....can't procreate without them
21. Women: more difficult that we'd like to believe
22. Pass time: Books
23. Cell Phone: crackberry
24. Smoke: stinky
25. Fantasy: Money is no object
26. College: choices
27. High school: carefree
28. Pajamas: tshirt and panties
29. Stars: constantly reaching for them
30. Goal: meaningful accomplishments
31. Alcohol: alter ego-Nessa Fierce, lol
32. Love: consuming
33. Friends: like snowflakes- no two are alike
34. Money: I don't have enough
35. Heartache: devastating
36. Time: never seem to use it wisely
37. Divorce: not an option
38. Dogs: Yorkie or a day soon
39. Undies: boy shorts are my fav
40. Parents: made me who I am
41. Babies: one day *crosses fingers*
42. Ex: ex for a reason
43. Song: Right now I have Mavado "Settle Down" in my head
44. Color: Blue
45. Weddings: expensive
46. Pizza: Italians think of all the good foods
47. Hangout: wine and friends
48. Rest: none for the weary
49. Achievement: still working on making a name for myself
50. Inspiration: failure


Miss Nina said...

Hey girl! I finally decided to stop lurking. lol. We have so much in common that its scary. I love your word associations. For a future dog you might like a French bulldog too. They're like pugs w/ more personality.

DorchestersDaughter said...

THANKS FOR COMING OUT OF HIDING, lol. Girl we need to hang out soon! You should post your first 50, I'd like to see yours.