Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Just my thoughts man

I'm baaaaaaaack.

Shout out to KB! Happy Birthday babes. Lord knows you are my daily April fool's joke.

Please don't wonder why I haven't posted much. I have no answers, there is no legitimate reason. Just plain haven't felt like it. It's nice to know you missed me though! *waves*

Between this Steve Harvey craze, various chats with my newlywed friend, Slim's thoughts, and the one argument that will I am confident will be the demise of KB and I, I am beginning to wonder if I am subconsciously sabotaging.

Miss Independent, tends to focus a lot on herself. Specifically, what I need to do to get where I want to be. I guess I have a one track mind-that track being my own road to success. And even if there is a passenger or two in the car, I am the driver. It's been damn near four years and I still haven't grasped the "we".

I can't shake my independence. I have had to do for self since for as long as I can remember. But it's no longer my redeeming quality, it's become baggage. I want to unpack that bag and make room for the domestic goddess. The one who doesn't cringe when she hears Destiny's Child sing Cater 2 U (I am even making faces as I write the song title. It is gonna be an uphill battle).

If there are any reformed "me" to "we" girls out there, please help a sista out. What exactly does this transition entail? I tried a few things with the experiment (which did show promise) but I do not think I can add that to my daily routine.

If you have ideas, I'd be happy to hear them. Maybe even try a thing or two. I am ready for the 2nd step. I've already admitted the problem.


Ms. S said...

Relationships are hard work. All I know is that you have to give a lil to get a lil... but you shouldn't give for the purpose of getting.

I might've just confused myself, lol.

I wish the best for you and KB. But I would say as independent as you are, you do take KB into consideration for many things that you do.

If KB meets all your needs and a great deal of your wants, and the same for you to him... then you guys are most likely better off then you think!

DorchestersDaughter said...

Thanks Ms. S! I def consider him in the big picture. Even he wouldn't deny that. But in day to day activity I tend to put myself first... just want to bit more of a we person.

RunningMom said...

lady I understand! I have been by myself for so long, I am not sure I would know how to act with a real life partner.

I have never been able to count on anyone other than me.

When you do figure it out, make sure to give us some pointers ;)

Anonymous said...

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