Friday, August 15, 2008

Why Are Black Women So Mean?

You're angry from just reading the title aren't you? lol This is a topic that is always up for debate; most recently on a post I read on Stuff Black People Hate. The issue? Why are black women so unapproachable?

Rather than counter-argue, and defend my entire race.... I'd prefer to share an experience I had recently.

A friend of mine accompanied me to a club I've been curious about. It was just the two of us, not a herd. Anyhow, we were kickin it, chillaxin in a corner when a man approached me. He was mildly attractive, white male, friendly demeanor so when he approached I was not defensive or instantly agitated. In fact, I engaged in conversation with him for 20 minutes or so (could have been longer). We laughed, joked, etc. He was headed back to the bar and asked if I wanted anything. Initially I said no but he pushed (so much so that I sort of wondered if I should accompany him in case he tried to slip me something) and eventually I accepted the offer.

He returned with my drink and we chatted it up some more. I honestly thought that he was a cool guy, so imagine my surprise when our conversation shifted;

Him; "So we seem to get along well, maybe we can have dinner sometime? Can I take you out?"
Me; "Oh, I am so sorry. I am actually in a relationship right now."
*Glares at me as if I'd stolen the oxygen mask off his dying grandmother*
Him; "YOU WHAT? Man, I wish you would have told me all of that before!"
*Return his stare and wonder if it is possible he slipped a knife past the metal detector*
Me; "I'm sorry, it didn't come up. I thought we were just kickin it. Didn't realize you were interested."
Him; "If you weren't so cool, I would ask you for my money back."

Mmm Hmm....THAT my dears is why black women tend to be a little standoffish. Being nice can give people the wrong impression. 


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Ms. S said...

I SOOO agree. I hate the fact that I'm so friendly and get into all these redonkulous situations. Perhaps, I am rubbing off on you?! LOL.

Anonymous said...

That is the most ridiculous reason I have ever heard to be nasty to someone. That is also just one situation! Why are black women so mean in other situations? Why have I never seen a black woman be loving to her children? Always screaming and yelling. Never any hugs or kisses! I have never seen black women be gentle and loving with a man! Always screaming always yelling! NO WONDER they prefer white women!