Thursday, February 5, 2009

Save the advice for someone who needs it

I will start by saying I am far from perfect. Just about every week I air out my imperfections right here. With that said, I am no fan of unsolicited advice. Please do not tell me what to do if I have not asked your opinion.

I've recently become re acquainted with an ex. He is married, baby on the way. You guys are aware that I,too, have a significant other. While I love that we can be friends, there is something that boils my blood about his lil pep talks.

I feel as though it will come to the point where I ask "does your wife take kindly to these lectures?"

If I respond "spaghetti" to the question "what's for dinner?" He suggests I add a little sausage. He has a helpful damn hint for everything,"hand wash the dishes don't use the dishwasher that's lazy". Oh it is? I will be sure and let your wife know you'd prefer that the dishes are hand washed at your house. We use the dishwasher at mine.

Am I over reacting? The way I see it...I run this, it is MY home. He is in no way involved in our daily activities so why should he have an unsolicited say so?


RunningMom said...

LOL, there's a few options here...

He could be:
A. A control freak
B. A busy body or
C. Really thinks he is being helpful or
D. Just doesn't know any dang better!

So do you tell him off/where to go/to mind his business or just look at him/the phone sideways?

DorchestersDaughter said...

I usually push back. Especially with the dishwasher thing. I cannot stand somebody calling me lazy. But then he says I'm hard headed, lol