Monday, March 17, 2008

Isn't it too early for backpain??

I vaguely remember my grandmother mentioning this. Every so often she'd use her palm to clutch her lower back and mumble something about not sitting straight or sleeping funny. Confused I'd wonder what exactly sleeping "funny" is. I mean really, you fall asleep, you wake up. How can you do that wrong? 20 years later and I've had an "ah ha" moment. I woke up this morning sat up and put my hand on my back just like my gradmother did!

Not only am I amazed that I can say "20 years later" in reference to myself....but I actually have the backpain she complained about! Now the confusion lies in the fact that I am barely 30. Isn't it a little too soon for the "these old bones" ramblings? I thought this was my prime?

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Ms. S said...

LMFAO! I'm MUCH younger than you (ha ha! Just kidding!) and I already have back pain-- both lower, upper and shoulder! I attribute it to being a bag lady. Forced to carry books and a laptop here, there and everywhere.

Times have changed. We are getting older faster... eeek!