Monday, June 23, 2008

The Danger That is Fung Wah

I believe it was my second year of college when the Fung Wah craze started. East Coast students began boarding these Chinatown buses to NY, Philly, Boston, and Maryland in flocks. Everyone fell in love with their cheap fares and record trip timing. New York?..for $15? less than 3.5 hours? Who wouldn't?

But alas...all that glitters most certainly ain't gold, readers. Fung Wah became the kind of death defying stunt that even David Blaine would second guess. Horrifying stories of rollovers, accidents, and even high speed chases were more common than not. It had gotten to the point where NOT having a Fung Wah story was odd.

Me: "So you took that Chinatown bus to NY?"
Fung Wah patron: "Yeah, I left Boston 25 minutes ago and we're crossing the BK bridge right now"
Me: "Really? that took you a while, got pulled over or something?"
Fung Wah patron: "yeah and we had to switch buses when the engine fell out. Probably would have been there by now if we didn't"

Years later, it seems old habits die hard. Their service has not gotten better and the risk of injury has gotten higher. Hell, you don't even have to board the bus to be involved in the accidents now! This morning a 57 year old woman was waiting to board the bus in NY when it was sideswiped by a dump truck! I kid you not.

People. I know the cost of gas...we use premium in our tank. I know the economy... I am one mishap away from losing everything my(damn)self. BUT never, NOT NEVER will I get on one of those buses. Good Lawd! Isn't Greyhound only an additional $10?

Please don't do it! Readers, I love y'all like family (and that's because a good majority of you ARE my family). If you need to borrow that extra $10 I got you! Just don't do it to yourself.

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Ms. S said...


I'm not sure if I have ever rode Fung Wah... I think I always went Grey Hound.

One time Billy had to get on a later Fung Wah to come home from NY and she was pissed that she was running late... until she found out that the bus that she was originally going to take flipped over on the highway. Craziness.

What's the sterotype? Asian people don't know how to drive?? I didn't just say that...