Monday, June 16, 2008

The Key to the Corner Office

Since getting my promotion at work I have been curiously observing the behavior of my replacement. It is evident that he is a goal oriented, DRIVEN man. He has his eye on the corner office and the key will soon be in his hand.

After four months of working here, he has gotten a promotion. Granted, that is not a surprise since I have too (which is the reason he started here in the first place). However, his is a significantly bigger promotion. While, I was moved up within the the same title. He has gone from Coordinator to Analyst...completely changing the scope of his work.


Relatability; I have watched him interact with the key players, the VPs and Managers. He can seamlessly contribute to any conversation and is not hestitant about joining a conversation with them.

Desire to Learn; Utter a complaint about a task and he is right there offering support and/or trying to learn what it is you are doing. "I can help you out with it, if you show me how to do it." Soon enough that is another skill is under his belt

Friendliness; He isn't just chummy with the VPs and Managers, he yucks it up with the entire staff. He willingly engages in conversations about their personal lives.

Dependability; He is here early every morning and leaves just after 5 every evening. Although we are not salaried, overtime is NOT an option. Essentially, he is not being compensated for the extra time.

I have often wondered why none of the female Coordinators are such sharks. We are all polite, demur, dependable, and approachable. But we are not the "go-getter" I see in him.

Ladies, if you have your eye on the corner office, I urge you to be more like him. I guarantee it will get you far. To read more about taking charge of your career, read The Cheat Sheet for Woman by Kate White.

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MyMoneyDream said...

Yes, i agree with this post! "Go-getta!"