Monday, July 7, 2008

The "independance" in Independance Day

Just thought I'd share an observation I made at work this morning. We are coming off a long weekend...most of us are returning to work after having had 3 fun filled days off.

Naturally everyone in the office is sharing their holiday weekend stories...what they did, who came over, what the ate, alcohol know, the usual holiday weekend festivties.

So I figure, the same things ring true about most people's Independence Day activities ( food, alcohol, fireworks). But the differences seem to be generational. My office is a 60/40 split; 60% are 40+, and 40% are between 25 and 39 (well maybe 39.99% because we do have Mr. Annoying who is about 23).

The Generation Xers are now nostalgic as we've come to the realization that this past weekend was our last long weekend for months. We are now committed to a summer of being indoors bombarded by paperwork. Our stories are reminiscent of the partying, the beach, the fun. And there is a distinct longing in every detail.

Generation Jones on the other hand are all gung-ho to start the work week. I cannot tell you how many times I have heard "the kids drove me crazy this weekend" as a start to an anecdotal. Their stories of in-laws, children, and family fun are not nostalgic by any stretch. It is almost as if they are in a "whose holiday weekend was worse" contest.

This observation has led me to one conclusion, and one conclusion alone. The 4th of July begins to suck somewhere around long-term commitment!

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