Monday, July 21, 2008

Tomorrow Never Dies

I know, I know. Yet again I have let weeks pass without blogging. I guess I have been a little uninspired, I frequent other blogs and these writers do such a good point of summarizing current events...sometimes I just feel like "what more can be said about it?".

But I know my readers miss my point of view. And for the love of my readers I promise to make a sound effort to contribute something twice weekly.

Starting with today!

I should first mention that another reason I haven't been around is a medical issue. I am 70% of the way back to complete health but it's been a bumpy ride. I was out of work for nearly two weeks. Normally, being home for a solid week and a half would send me running screaming back to work. But my current job has no appeal....nothing to lure me back.

Last night I was up until after 11 (which is unheard of for me unless I am out and about) doing anything possible to prolong my last day. I knew that in the morning I'd wake up and have to return to a pile of unresolved issues.

As the clock sped on I realized...I despise my job. I literally loathe it. Returning to my cubicle today only confirmed it. I looked around at the stacks of (what is to me) junk and nearly hurled! It's as if they didn't even notice I was gone. No one took it upon themselves to find an alternative to me being gone. Just came by...dropped off their crap, and left. Now for a bunch of people that clearly could not function in my absence, no one cared to stop by my desk and ask if I am feeling better when I finally did return.


It's the kick in the butt I needed though. I know in my heart that my place of employment is no longer a place for me to learn and grow. After being here a year I have peaked...staying here any longer will just stunt my professional growth.

My tomorrow is near. I see a new position on the horizon. Stay tuned!!!


Ms. S said...

On the funny side, there are soo many places in this post where I thought you would've added "no pun intended" LOL.

And 11pm? On a work night? WOW!

Lastly, yes. You must leave your job. You are beginning to feel exactly how I was feeling at the crazy place!

MyMoneyDream said...

"Bumpy ride"