Thursday, July 24, 2008

Sly Fox

Watch what you watchin'
Fox keeps feeding us toxins
Stop sleeping Start thinking
Outside of the box and
Unplug from The Matrix doctrine
But watch what you say Fox 5 is watchin'

Every now and then Nas fights the urge to be like every other rapper and allows us to be enlightened. We all know he has had his off days (like the day he walked in the studio and recorded "You We Me" with Ginuwine). Those are the instances that tempt us to compartmentalize Nas; put him in the He Was Once a Talented Rapper box. But we have to keep one thing in mind...When Nas speaks the truth we can't help but be informed.

On his current eye opening agenda Nas showed the masses how Fox really feel about Black Americans. I've been shaking me damn head ever since. Sometimes we turn a blind eye to what America considers Black Worth, but Mr. Jones has taken it upon himself to redirect us and make us face it. Yesterday Nas hand delivered a petition of 60,000 signatures to the Fox network's NY offices requesting they end racial propaganda.

What propaganda?

You guys may remember me mentioning the Obama family attacks in a previous post. Fox is also behind the "baby mama" comment, and they are the network airing Bill O'Reilly's show. Need I say more?

I must admit, this one has my full attention. I never realized that a lot of the inappropriate Obama comments were coming from the same place. These are very subtle attacks, not only on his family but black American families as a whole. After all...if being a loving dutiful wife and mother dubs you a "baby mama" because you happen to be brown as well, how many more "baby mamas" are out there?

I will now watch Fox keenly and be mindful of the other media outlets under their umbrella. Usually I am the first to scream "smells like a publicity stunt" when these controversy comes at a time when a start is promoting new work. And, yes, Nas does have a new album (with the Sly Fox single taking direct aim at the network). I still do not believe that he is gunning for publicity as Fox has suggested.

Truth is as truth does...

Keep a watchful eye y'all. That Fox is indeed sly.

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