Thursday, December 11, 2008

Slow and Steady

Per the request of Running Mom and Ms. S here are a few updates with regard to The Experiment. Which has been in effect 9 days;

1. We went out to eat. Virtually unheard of since our first year together.
2. I woke up yesterday morning to find the entire kitchen and living room spit shined, polished, and showroom ready. The man cleaned!
3. I am hearing "thank you" more frequently (though to be completely honest it sounds rehearsed)

Though this is not a drastic improvement I would definitely say we are on the right track. As always, stay tuned.

**Admin note: I was sorting (read NOT snooping) the laundry and found a picture of the Coach purse I want printed directly off of Coach's website. Which would explain his being so adamant about going to the mall alone. I may actually be getting what I want for Christmas. MAY being the operative word.


Ms. S said...

Yes! This sounds promising.

RunningMom said...

Sounds very promising! What have you been doing on your end?

MyMoneyDream said...


DorchestersDaughter said...

@ MyMoneyDream-I really wasn't snooping, lol. He leaves stuff in his jeans everyday, so when it comes time to do laundry I have to empty the pockets.

@RunningMom-The biggest change is that I've been more affecionate. And basically doing the same things I was doing before without the "Why am I always the one to _________". I am embracing the woman's role.