Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A Dream Deferred

A bunch of bougie party-throwers got it in their heads that they can make a whole lot of cash off of the few folks who will not be in DC this weekend. Not much unlike DC residents who will be raking it in off of the thousands who will be there.


Throw around the words "Yes We Can" and "I Have a Dream". If it is not MLK or Obama related it is not happening this weekend. My Facebook page has been bombarded with invites and I know it is not just here in Boston. If we're getting THIS much excitement imagine LA, MIA, ATL, NY, Chi-town? It's reason enough for people to go harder than DJ Khalid, Kanye, and T Pain.

So this is where my plea comes in. Brown folks, pay particular attention. As we go forth and party in the name of change...let's mean it. If we are going to embrace the messages of these men, let's do the message some real justice. Can we make some REAL changes?

Can we forget about the fact that some guy hit on your girl or stepped on your Kenneth Cole loafers and NOT "see him" outside? Can we choose to respect the woman who has declined your offer to "get to know" each other? Maybe say "that's cool. It was nice to meet you" instead of "fuck you, you ain't all that anyway"? Winter weather is upon us, ladies, can we avoid wearing that mini dress? Can we leave the heels at home until we've learned to walk in them? Can we not lead a brotha on in the name of free alcohol? Can we order a bottle of Moet and drink it out of the glass instead of bringing the bottle to the dance floor? Can we leave the sunglasses at home? We do go to these parties after the sun has gone down, correct? While we are at it, can we remove the 2 carat CZs as well?

Yes We Can!

(pause. I'll wait, you may need a church fan, bout to break off some knowledge)

I have a dream! That one day... hopefully as soon as this weekend... we will live up to the expectations of those who paved the way for us to be humanized in America. One day we will stop acting life the buffoons we are portrayed as, in the media. My dream is that ABWs (Angry Black Women) and thuggery (gold chains and teeth included) will become stereotypes of the past. Can we behave a little but more like Barack and Michelle? Can we perpetuate THAT image instead of the ones displayed on Real Chance at Love?

I HAVE A DREAM! That the cops who shot young black men last week (in two separate incidents) will be prosecuted for their unwarranted and racist acts of violence. Wait that's another topic for another post. Sorry I was on a roll.

In that faithful speech Dr. King said "America has given the Negro people a bad check, a check which has come back marked 'insufficient funds.' If we are to consider the Obama Inauguration a sign that that check has finally been cashed, brown people....all I ask is that we do not spend it all in one place.


Ms. S said...

beautifully written!!

MyMoneyDream said...

I concur! This was inspiring!

Anonymous said...

this is beautifull baby!

ecce pluvit said...


DivineLove said...

AMEN! I put it well. I don't know if anyone heard of any mishappenings that occured last weekend or during the inauguration...I have not!! That is a great thing...with all of those ppl in one location you would think something would go down but I heard all sorts of ppl were doing the electric slide in the middle of the streets and singing "We Are Family" :)