Friday, January 9, 2009

Friday Fuck You- Dirty Laundry

It is the new year, and while most of us are quite tired of people using that as an excuse, it really is time for a clean slate. I, myself, have been working on getting my goals and priorities in order. Not just for 09 but for the next three years or so together. Yes, three. When I plan, I plan. And apparently I am so focused on my grind that I am thinking about it in my sleep.

Last night I dreamt that I was at the laundromat. I was separating the whites and colors, trying to find empty machines. I was more diligent than I am when I do laundry while awake, so even in my sleep I could sense there was meaning and urgency in cleaning these loads.

Once the laundry was done I had an overwhelming sense to double check it all. Make sure that I did not forget a single sock before I walked out that door. It sort of ended there.

Now obviously this dream was a bit strange. As soon as I was able I checked the online dream dictionary. And the meaning is as follows;

To dream that you are doing your laundry, suggests that you are cleaning up your act or change your image. You are concerned about how you appear to others.

To dream that you are sorting the laundry, indicates that you are trying to understand your own feelings and sorting your attitudes

DD is focused yall.

Fuck You Dirty Laundry. It's time to clean up my act! It is time to make room for the new and improved. I am dusting off all the bs; leaving the negativity behind.

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