Friday, April 25, 2008

Over-Committed Entreprenuer

6:00-7:40 Get Ready for Work
8:30-5:00 Day Job
6:00-7:30 Business related endeavors for my publishing co. and dinner if I can squeeze it in
9:00-3:30 (Every other Saturday) Moonlighting Job

I am trying to figure out how I can squeeze in free time. Me time. Family time. Friend time. I have gotten to the point where I just want to throw one 12 hour party per month and invite everyone I have neglected since I started my own business. At least I'd see them! I probably converse with my editor more that I do with my best friend. I know my family and friends are supportive and they do not require my undivided attention for the most part...but I can't help but feel guilty.

When I fall asleep after making plans I am more angry with myself than they are. I wonder if they shrug it off because they are used to it. And what it says about ME if they are. It goes from "I thought you said you were coming" to "she'll probably knock out long before we start to get dressed." to not being invited at all. And it would be a bed I made for myself.

The scariest part is the most time consuming part of the business hasn't even come yet. Meetings, book signings, fairs, promotions, orders, mailings, where's the time for all of that. They say if you can't find a way make a way...that's what I'm going to have to do.


Yvette said...

lmao...I def shrugg it off. But its understandable...a life of a hustler. lol

Ms. S said...

LOL at Yvette.

I feel your pain! Juggling real estate, the Banner and grad school = an ass kicking!

I look so redonkulously tired that I am now (as of today, ha!) committing myself to going to bed before 11pm each night (Saturdays and maybe Fridays).

I also plan more. I mean, I LOVE to plan. But now, I set dates with my friends and book them into my schedule like I would a real estate client. It sounds harsh but it helps fit everyone in.

And the link you've provided -- On point!!!

Older or Wiser said...

While it's nice to know that you two could care less...I mean people whose feelings I actually hurt!!!!! lol

gotta love the cuzzos!

Btw Shaq I will def start penciling people in! I actually already started. My friend wanted to go shopping and I sooo pulled out my calender!

Ms. S said...

You've been tagged, read my page for the rules. :)