Friday, April 11, 2008

Someone forgot??

I was moved to tears by a story I saw on the news this morning. A 21 year old mother of two was kidnapped, raped, and murdered in Florida. This particular story gripped me because the tragedy could have been prevented. Moments before her death she managed to take her kidnapper's cell phone and dial 911. Another motorist, who saw her kicking and fighting in the backseat, called to report the incident. The caller even mentioned the exact location of the car! There were five 911 calls in total. So why isn't she at home with her children right now?... Because the dispatcher FORGOT to pass along the information!

How is it that this person is able to clock out at the end of every evening and go home to their own family? How does this person look at their reflection, in the mirror, every morning? The role of a 911 dispatcher is to attend to emergency situations. When 5 phone calls come in about the same incident what about that implies non-emergency?

The world we live in is crass and cold-hearted. I am rarely outraged by the things that I hear and see on the news. But not today, today I was sincerely outraged! As I watched Nathan Lee agonize over his wife's senseless death my blood boiled, my eyes watered, and my hand shook nervously. I haven't stopped thinking about the two children who will grow up with out a mother. It's unneccessary. It's just unneccessary.

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Ms. S said...

Wow. I haven't had a chance to click on the news link yet. This is an amazing story! People are so freaking unbelievable.

It's because we're living in a world where although we interact with tons of people everyday we lack human moments.

Just sad.