Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Playing Catch Up

It's been a while. I just read my last post...over a week! Well for starters I ended up returning the dress. Yeah I know...such a quitter, lol. Well actually I went back and got the next size up. I went home tried it on and it was big everywhere BUT my thighs, lol. How's that for a wake up call. Definately need to stay on track with this toning mission. I could run up some stairs right this minute, lol.

But que sera sera. That's not what I came to babble about! Yesterday afternoon my supervisor came to my cubicle and pulled me into his office. He told me that he'd forgotten to mention my 3.2% increase. Not a whole lot of extra cash but not bad for being on the job eight months! He also gave me a little (BRIEF) progress report. He told me that I am doing very well but he'd like me to make more time for the Organizational Development and Training team (of two). He feels that the manager could be a good resource and mentor for me and that I could learn alot from her. He's asked me to carefully analyze my schedule and carve out a few hours per week to spend with her. On top of that he wants me to take more seriously the opportunities of editing and fine tuning our HR intranet site and training other staff members on it.

It really got me to thinking. Why is everyone always trying to push me toward teaching, training, and guidance?

In your 20's you are supposed to find your niche...your purpose...what you can contribute during your remaining years. Is my niche being an educator (not in the tradional sense; everybody knows I do not have the patience for that)? Me?... destined to touch lives?

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Ms. S said...

Teaching/coaching just might be your calling. Don't run from it!

In the book The Law of Recognition, the author talks about how each once of us has an assignment/purpose and once we find it, we will be profitable!