Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Preserving My Sexy

Earlier this year I began a food diary. Yes, if you must know it WAS a New Year's Resolution! I wanted a detailed account of what I was putting in my body; hoping it would lead me to an explanation of why I have gained an excess of 15 lbs since my college graduation four years ago.

That food diary lasted two weeks. Recounting everything I put in my mouth seemed tedious. And I had all sorts of "better things to do". So I renounced my eating log and went back to the merry me.

I haven't been self-conscious since high school, and even then it was because I felt too skinny. Up until recently I was fine with my shapely why the sudden need for fitness and healthy eating? Preserving my sexy!

A friend of mine will be getting married in Miami, Fl later this year. This means two things; South Beach body and preparation for the "so when are you going to tie the knot" questions. Either way I have to be every bit as sexy as I was when I went in 04 just after college graduation.

Now do I intend to lose 15-20 lbs? No. In all honesty, I like me the way I am (do I sound like Tocarra addressing the Celebrity Fit Club judges). But I would like to drop down one size and tone. I want clothes to fit more comfortably. I want to eat without regret and second thoughts. I want to love my arms, which have become a little meaty. And I don't want to feel like I have to constantly be ready for the camera, I am not tryna be sucking and tucking!

Starting yesterday, April 1, I am back on the food diary. And I intend to be proud of what is written! I am going to start jogging (which should be interesting because at least 7 of the new lbs are in my bra), and I will also be taking a few supplements (herbal ones no Slim Quick, TrimSpa and the like).

All the ladies out there who are starting to notice some excess weight...join me in preserving my sexy. You'll wish you did when I post those South Beach pics!

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