Monday, May 12, 2008

Dorchester's Daughter

Dorchester is the Boston neighborhood where I grew up. To say you are from Dorchester often has negative connotation because it is known as a violent community. I cannot count how many times I have gotten "the look" when I tell someone (who has most likely never even driven through inner city Boston) that is where I am from. It's always been one of my pet peeves.

When I started my publishing company I wanted to name it Dorchester's Daughter because I am not ashamed of where I grew up. I am in every sense Dorchester's Daughter. I wanted to take the shame out of the word ...hoping that through my company, and the literature I publish, Dorchester would now be associated with positive things.

I have since moved out of Dorchester (though I am less than 15 minutes away) but remain committed to changing the perception of my community. Unfortunately I am one of very few. This past weekend a friend and I went to a small dancehall in Dorchester. As we were parking the car we ended up smack dab in the middle of a shoot out!

Yes they chose to have it out right in front of the girl who is oh so committed to changing the way people look at me... at US as a community.

But you know what? It just means I have to work harder!

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Ms. S said...

Regarding the shootout... That is pure maddness! I am all for the community but damn the hood is depressing me right now.