Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The loss of Sean Bell and many others

It saddens me to think that; PETA will protest the cruelty of animals, Mike Vick will get jail time for dog fighting, there will be investigations and protests into whether or not a horse should be euthanized after injury....yet we should be ok with a man being shot 50 times by law enforcement.


I am sorry, why is it that I should be outraged over a dead pit bull? Or a fur coat? But I should feel at ease knowing that an officer of the law can shoot me 50 times without punishment?! I should be comfortable with Mike Vick in jail and officers who thrive on the use of excessive force parading the streets?

This is ri-damn-diculous!

This is the country that raised us to believe that everyone has a voice. We are educated on the Bill of Rights, The Declaration of Independence as early as elementary school. They told me I could be whatever I put my mind to. Justice, equality, innocent until proven guilty...I was born with these freedoms, right?

So why don't I feel free? Why was he unsafe?...why does his family hurt? Where is justice and consequence?

Right now a dog could get shot 50 times and the shooter would be punished, ridiculed, isolated, reprimanded, shunned. Something! But a man?....a black man?

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