Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Skin You're In

I realized today that my lifestyle change is more about control than being healthy. It is about wanting to change something (ie. my weight) that very well may remain the same. I have started running, walking, taken stairs in lieu of escalators. I've obsessed over calorie in take and taken dietary supplements. I've prayed religiously and I've been on the verge of tears more often than I can count.

Nothing has changed...

Today when I looked at myself in the mirror, I thought about what my actual goal is. What is it that I really want? More than anything I desire to be happy in the skin I am in. That does not equate weight loss. That isn't about toned thighs and a tight rear end; nor does it mean I should overexert myself for abs of steel.

Being happy in the skin you are in is a mental change. And from this day forward...I'll be getting just as much mental exercise as physical.


MoneyTalksDebtWalks said...

You should def love the skin your in. However it's always great to be healthy. Although you don't see physical results, do you feel better as you move forward to a healthier you?

Ms. S said...

I concur! Love the skin you're in!

I will continue to exercise more and eat heathlier... somehow I have to get rid of this belly! I look like I belong on the infomerical for the non-profit that raises money for the starving children around the whole... skinny as a lamppost with a big belly! It's just not right.