Friday, November 28, 2008

The Five Love Languages

***admin note. It seems wrong to follow a post about praise, thanks, and rejoicing with an f* you so I am keeping the spirit of love through the weekend (at the very least).

KB and I have (more than) a few fundamental differences. As a man from the islands, he is traditional in his view of a woman's role. I, personally, think that barefoot and pregnant look is so outdated! But I digress...

After doing a lil "are we doomed" google search I came across an article by Gary Chapman. He suggests that each individual has a love language, a way that love is communicated to them. A couple who speaks two different love languages would share the same difficulty a person speaking in English to someone who only speaks Russian.

The Five Love Languages are;

Words of Affirmation
Quality Time
Receiving Gifts
Acts of Service
Physical Touch

In that brief article I determined that my love language was likely receiving gifts while KB's was almost certainly acts of service. I immediately decided to purchase Gary's book, which arrived Wednesday night. I went straight to the chapter on what I perceived to be my own love language and I was FLOORED. It was like the man knew me personally!

I encourage you all to pick it up; borrow it from the library, flip through it at a bookstore, do whatever. I promise you, it is going to change outlook on your relationships. Not just with significant others, with close friends, family members, everyone near and dear to you.


Ms. S said...

Shoot...this just might be the new ART! Let me holler at the book when you finish it!

RunningMom said...

Sounds like a good book to check out - thanks for sharing!