Friday, November 7, 2008

Friday Fuck You; Immune Difficiency

I've been sick. I had something in close proximity to the flu (though I had my flu shot) last week. Hence the late Friday post. I know, I missed me.

In order to fight off the bug, I tried something a little different. Instead of taking cold medicine, I purchased vitamins that are known for boosting the immune system. I've been pumping my body full of Vitamin C, Cod Liver Oil, and Green Tea supplements. I figured rather than medicate the problem, I could just as easily strengthen the system that fights these viruses in the first place...hoping that will prevent it from happening again anytime soon. I gotta tell ya, with the supplements it's been a lot easier. It's been less than five days and most of my symptoms are gone.

I literally feel stronger; and it got me to thinking. This feeling. This strength, is what the Obama presidency has given us. Yes, I did go there!

Fuck You. I am immune to "the man"!

It is not because our president is minority that we are encouraged. It is because he is capable, because he is intelligent, because he has the potential to do great things. It was not a Affirmative Action, not a handout, not luck, not consolation that helped him win the election. It was his optimism, integrity, strength, and determination. And it didn't hurt that his immune system is strong. Stronger than many of his minority counterparts, because unlike him we have grown accustomed to standing in our own way.

There are implications that somehow the Obama win has erased racism in America. It hasn't. America is, and frankly always will be, a divided country. The new president cannot change that, just as he cannot change the damage that has already been done. What his win means is more accurately defined as is a boost in our immune system. There will continue to be prejudices, injustice, discrimination, and a host of other barriers. But we can fight that off! Because of what Barack has accomplished, we can break through those barriers, jump over those hurdles, and see past those obstacles. Yes the bar is set twice as high, but we can climb three times as far. Yes, we can.

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Ms. S said...

Nice! My friend is encouraging everyone to post about how they felt once Obama has one. Perhaps I will post something too!