Friday, September 12, 2008

The Friday Fuck You

Thanks to Patrice over at A Day in My World, I will be starting a new tradition. Each Friday I will list 7 affirmations and rants, called The Friday Fuck You. Ideally, it is just a bit of reassurance (ex"Fuck You. I will make $70k this year."). Just a little something to keep the spirits up. Sounds a bit harsh, may even lose a few readers due to language, but I promise you guys it's all in good fun (and tasteful).

Without further ado...Here is today's Friday Fuck You

1. Fuck You. My book will be in print next year. So be ready for big thangs from Dorchester's Daughter Publishing in '09
2. Fuck You. When/If we are getting married I'll let you know....may even send you an invitation. Until then, don't ask me again.
3. Fuck You. I will take my birthday off of work even though I just got back from vacation.
4. Fuck You. There is nothing wrong with "Modern Girls", a woman can have career and family. They named the show DESPERATE Housewives for a reason.
5. Fuck You. You can have the body of a video vixen and the brain of a scholar. I am sexy AND smart.
6. Fuck You. My new mantra is Successful and Fine in '09 (shout out to MyMoneyDream!)
7. Fuck You. That felt good. All that cursing and I am still a lady!

Woosah! That felt good yall! Everyone needs to vent every once in a while so I encourage the readers to embrace the new tradition and stop in the comments section to leave your own Friday Fuck You .


MyMoneyDream said...

Fuck You: I will lead life with fewer expectations and will settle for the positive/negative the outcomes…as long as I did my best

Fuck You: I will no longer expect the best from for people but only from myself

Fuck You: I will give him another chance

Fuck You: I will never put all my eggs in one basket

Fuck You: I will put in more effort to let my inner fabulousness shine on the outside

Fuck You: I will not give up on true love even if it takes a long time to attain it

Fuck You: I am proud that I am a hopeless romantic

Fuck You: I do believe in second chances but I will only be a fool once

DorchestersDaughter said...

tell 'em why you mad son, tell 'em why you mad!