Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I've Got My Eye on You

Beloved Readers,

Not Ms. S or MyMoneyDream (although they are beloved, love ya cuzzos, lol). YOU. Yes, you! Believe me it IS a sigh of relief that someone is amused by my ramblings. I love that you come by every now and then, but I feel like the love is not returned sometimes yall. It's a lot like looking for love in a one night stand; you come by, get your kicks, and I never hear from you again. To put it bluntly, it's a whole lot of "wham bam thank you ma'am" going on.

Recently, one of my posts was featured on SBM. Now he talks a whole lot of mess, but when he is (eh ehem) wrong his audience speaks up. It was a blessing being posted on his site because although my opinion was not shared by all, there were some strong counter-arguments. And you know what?...I would never have thought about those things. I only saw my experience that night from my own perspective.

While I am doing this as an alternative to journaling, the best part of being on the web is that the world is my oyster. I have readers as close to home as Providence, NH, and NY. There are readers across oceans and continents in places like South Africa, Brazil, and France. And I love every. single. one of you. I get the warm and fuzzies just thinkin about yall! I would love some feedback. Get your Young Jeezy on, and "put on" for your city!!! You don't have to comment on every single post...but if you read something that you agree or disagree with preach!

I know your there, don't get all scurred on me now. No need to stop visiting because I put you on blast. I just want to encourage you all to voice your opinions in the same way I openly voice mine. From this day forward no more peeping!

Let's start with an ice breaker. I'll go first, my name is Dorchester's Daughter and I am from the Dot. My numero uno fans are my cuzzos Ms. S and MyMoneyDream who are also from around these parts. Where are you from? No...not the guy in the cubicle next to you who is likely reading my blog as well, YOU! Shout out your city!


MyMoneyDream said...

Love the photo! lmao Says it all

Ms. S said...

Sorry. You know I don't follow rules. I had to comment.

Damn. Where is everyone? I know they are out there... lurking!

Being shy isn't in style.