Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Stretch Those Dollars

Now this is a far cry from a financial planning blog, but I felt I should address the topic anyway. The slump in the economy has hurt us all in some way shape or form. I've been getting a little nervous myself because KB and weren't exactly ballin' in the first place. IN my quest for some sound financial advice, I found the following tips I wanted to share with my readers. The entire article can be found here.

  1. Set up and start following a family household budget. Your budget should include all your major expenses (mortgage, car payments, credit card payments, etc).

  2. Go over your budget (aforementioned in step 1 above) and determine which of your non-essential activities you can either cut down on or eliminate.

  3. For one week keep track of every penny you spend during the day. The vast majority of Americans haven't a clue as to how much real money actually flows through their hands every month or how much control over their money they really have.

  4. Start your own campaign to use energy and resources more wisely. It's no longer about being green - now it's all about saving money! You can take a huge bite out of your electric bill by changing the way you use your air conditioner without really changing your lifestyle.

  5. Do everything possible to eliminate credit card debt as fast as possible. The average family has way too much and most people never fully realize how much it actually costs to use credit instead of paying cash.

  6. Become a coupon Queen (or King). Coupons are here again and you don't even have to clip them! You simply go to a site like http://www.CoolSavings.com/couponsite , find the coupons you're interested in, print them out and take them with you when you go shopping.

Granted, this is just common sense for a few of you. But if it isn't and you truly are looking for a little guidance, I hope this information helps keep those dollars in your pockets.

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