Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Luxaholic:The Finer Things

Contrary to what my readers might believe...the finer things to me are not the things I purchase on my shopping binges. They aren't found in my Coach collection (although technically I didn't purchase any of those things myself), it's not any of the gadgets I own, not a single pair of the many shoes in my closet. The finer things to me are so much more simple.

The finer things are thoughtful. They are the little things that let you know someone was thinking of you. Like opening my mailbox after a hard day's work and finding a birthday card from a co-worker. This is a girl, I know through my aunt. In fact I've only hung out with her twice outside the workplace. Yet she remembered I have a birthday coming. Beyond that she took the time to buy me a card and get a hold of my address. How amazing does that feel?

I am a Luxaholic but I don't impose my preference for those things on others. It really is the thought that counts...just a little something to say "hey, I was thinking about you". That's all I ever ask!

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Ms. S said...

It's amazing what the little things people do can do to your confidence and over all emotional well being.