Friday, September 19, 2008

Friday Fuck You

Yes, ladies and gents...this is the second installment of the Friday Fuck You. I know you guys were a lil shy last week but I expect to see some good ones from here on out. I cannot be the only one putting my grievances out there. I feel naked, lol

1. Fuck You. I am 28 today. And since fall starts on the 21st I am technically a summer baby!
2. Fuck You. Before I officially begin my work day, I must check my email and my blog reader. Who gets right to work at 8:30?
3. Fuck You. Hip Hop is dead. "Marco Polo" are we serious? Soldja Boy is the hip hop kryptonite!
4. Fuck You. Derwin and Melanie belong together and thank God The Game returns Oct. 3rd.
5. Fuck You. I am not the only one who is terrified by the idea of President McCain and Vice President Palin.
6. Fuck You. I still read Cosmo. And sometimes I try the tricks! *wink
7. Fuck You. You can take my entrepreneurial endeavors as a joke. Just don't ask me for a free book when you see everyone reading one of my releases.


Ms. S said...

Fuck you. I will have another real estate transaction before the end of 2008.

Fuck you. I will not burn myself out trying to work a million and one jobs. Shoot...if there is a will, there is a way. And when I have bills, I always have the will to make more dough.

Fuck you. Painting my room will be finished this weekend... one way or another, it will get done. Somehow.

DorchestersDaughter said...

lol "somehow" that doesn't sound very gotta concentrate on the FIRM in affirmation!

ecce pluvit said...

I'm a bit delayed, but...

Fuck you. We're moving in '09. Yes, we know London is expensive. Yes, we realize how far away Seattle is. We do NOT care. Either way, we're going!

Fuck you. I just turned 30. I do not feel any different and I am not depressed. If one more sorry-single female says to me, reassuringly, after learning my age, "oh, well, at least you're married!" I will kick them in the teeth.