Monday, September 29, 2008

The "skinny"in Skinny Jeans

Not only am I a blogger, I frequent a lot of the other blogs out there. My fav? The personal style ones; you know the trendy-wardrobe-on-a-budget/this-is-my-cute-outfit-and-this-is-where-I-bought-each-individual-item type.

In my recent blog surfing binges I noticed a bit of a pattern. The phrase "skinny jeans are for skinny girls" is a recurring theme among most-if not all. Now I adore my fellow fashionistas but I respectfully disagree. And it's not just me being sensitive; I have not been "skinny" in about 6 years but you best believe I rocks my curves! And I own a pair, as a matter of fact I just ordered another pair a few days ago.

See, I believe personal style is about fit and confidence. I have seen some daring outfits, but when something fits well and you are rockin it like no one just makes sense. So in that respect no, not every trend is for everyone. But looking good in skinny jeans is more about the looking good than the skinny.

I knew there would be haters when it came to this topic, so I did a little investigating. The video below schools us all (particularly us thick girls) on how to shop for the right pair. Take it away Toccara, girl!

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Ms. S said...

Is that Tocara from ANTM? Did she lose weight? I have one pair of skinny jeans that look decent on my skinny ass... the other one is begging me to have more curves to fill it in, unbelievable right? Ugh.