Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Is it over yet?

I have less than 4 hours remaining in one of the worst days I have had this year. Peeps, I know I can be dramatic but I swear I am staying up until midnight tonight just to see this day off! My goodness!

For starters I didn't sleep well. The health issue I have a few months back, seems to be returning and it makes for some sleepless nights. So naturally I woke up cranky...well KB woke me up which I thought everyone knew was a no-no. You do not wake me unless my life is in danger. You'd think after three years together (two of which in co-habitation) he'd know this. But no. His happy ass proceeded, hmph! Didn't even proceed with caution!

So naturally, I was more angry than usual. But did it stop there? NO!

The powers that be did not fail to test my patience! I am talking; a six hour fight with KB, issues at work, a package I ordered arrived with the wrong contents. Not stop bullshit yall! I cannot tell you how many times today I have said to myself "i have to blog about this". It is to the point that I am too drained to detail every story.

I did need to get it off my chest though. I am still mad! I need to woosah, just...just .... woosah!


Ms. S said...

Eek! Don't stay up...go to sleep. This quote made me think of you and your current post:

"I try to take one day at a time, but sometimes several days attack me at once." ~Jennifer Yane

Gah... isn't that how it always happens?

DorchestersDaughter said...