Monday, October 27, 2008

Return to the Scene of the Crime

...that crime being sexual harassment.

When I started my job over a little over a year ago, the others decided to dump the task of going to the mailroom on me. I was the little guy on the totum pole so I didn't mind a little rookie hazing. What I did mind was the octogenarian in the male room who was inappropriately huggy!

I am not a naive woman; I know I have two rather large distractions on my upper torso. I fully expect that people (male and female-gay and straight) will seldom look me in the eye when they are speaking to me. But homeboy is a perve-albeit it a SpEd, senior citizen, perve- a perve no less. He'd do this not-so-subtle hug where he'd get me from the side and stares down at them. And he's a tiny thing, only up to my damn nostrils, the twins are at eye level. I am getting the chills thinking about it.

I was always uncomfortable asking the other girls if they'd noticed it...if they'd felt violated. I couldn't even form the words. But I felt that something must have caused them to pass the job off so quickly.

After I got my promotion, the task went to the new rookie. He was male so passing along the job didn't bother me. Fast forward through a faulty economy, a bit of organizational downsizing, and a hiring freeze and it becomes my job to make the mail run. Yet again.

I tip-toed down there quieter than a church mouse. Don't you know his sneaky pervy self caught me JUST as I was about to make my escape?! Holding one final piece of our department's mail. I tried to take it out of his hand while keeping a respectable difference...but NO!...maneuvered himself right next to the breast. He's a slippery one, slick as hell for a geezer!

Yall, I have no idea what to do. He is old, so I can't cuff him one. I really don't want to complain because again..he is old. If you are in your 80's and still working obviously you need an income-especially in this economy. The problem is, with a hiring freeze, there won't be anyone to take over any time soon. I'd be subjecting myself to his pervy ways until further notice. Can't do it. Cannot.

Should I talk to Employee Relations?


Ms. S said...

Yes! Call Employee Relations right away.

Or, you can "cuff him one" and tell him you won't tell, if he won't tell.

Ha ha ha ha!

ecce pluvit said...

I'm with Ms. S, either clock the old man or have a chat with ER. There is absolutely no need to feel violated at work- or anywhere else for that matter. Plus, who knows how many other people he's rubbed up on. Old or not, the dude has hands, right? Tell him to take care of all that Energy before he shows up to work.