Friday, October 31, 2008

Friday Fuck You-Denial

Yes, Denial. I am so sick and damn tired of people who refused to acknowledge defeat. I am all for resilience but sometimes you just have to claim your loses. Suck it up, move on, LET. IT. GO.

Fuck You, Denial. When it's over, it's over.

Early Tuesday morning I was watching the news as I prepared for my workday. The headlining story was about Diane Wilkerson, the State Senator for the region of Boston I grew up in. Why did she make the news this time? Sure as hell wasn't her re-election campaign! It appears she allegedly accepted eight bribes worth just over $23k in an undercover FBI operation. There are pictures plastering the television and Internet of this woman BODLY taking what appears to be cash incentives into her possession. One series in particular depicting her placing something into her bra. All photos were taken at a restaurant directly across the street from the State House (i.e. her job)

As the story unfolds, I have decided I will remain diplomatic. I am not going to make any assumptions or any conclusions. These are images I have seen via tv and Internet. I listened to her side of things on the radio this morning (or what she is allowed to say) and she confident that the truth will come to light. I was not there, I cannot account for anyone's actions but my own. I will say this though, it IS time to let go. Whether or not it is what it appears to be, one thing is clear. She has been backed into a corner, and will not accept defeat. She is trying to come back from a TKO right now.

In short, she is fighting a losing battle and denial is not going to help her win. Hold your head high, laugh it off, do what you have to to restore your pride. But please! Please let it go

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