Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A Few Follow Ups

Hey Lovies!

I realized this morning that I tend to rant a lot. Ok well, no, I am not JUST realizing that. But what I mean is I write about all my frustrations, curiosities, etc and never really give you guys an update.

I know you guys are wondering...what did I wear to that wedding? have I cursed out the benefits team at work yet? did I stop buying the 100 Calorie packs? have KB and I broken up for good? how do I feel about the way Barack is portrayed in the media now?

I will dedicate today's post to all those questions. It's like catching up with an old friend. Or worst case scenario, like one of those Maury "where are they now?" episodes.

In Being That Girl I was debating whether or not to return a dress that hugged my thighs a bit too closely. I did end up returning the dress. Couldn't bear with the constant reminder that I am too curvy for most of today's chic feminine looks.

What ever happened to Preserving My Sexy? Damned if I know, lol. I still care, still want the same things...just. haven't. been. motivated.

In Co-Worker vs Friend I wrote about the distinction between the two. Well, that was a while back and I am glad I keep the two separate. I work with some grimy individuals that will throw you under a bus even when their livelihood is not dependant on your fall from grace. Pathetic really.

I did wear the shoe from the Mean Shoe Game post. I held out for about 3 hours, before transitioning to flip flops. I was fierce though! FIERCE!

And as for Michelle and Barack. They are still my heroes and STILL grossly undervalued in America. A strong African American family should be praised not scrutinized.

Did I forget anything lovies? Or is there anything random you'd like to hear in future posts? As always I encourage you to comment.


Ms. Behaving said...

Great post.

Lawd knows I could stand to give a few updates myself. :-)

Thanks for stopping by my blogspot by the way.

MyMoneyDream said...

Nice post!