Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Adventures of Robin Hood and Joe-The Plumber

Last night, Joe- The Plumber somehow became the poster child for the American Dream. He is a man just a few short steps away from entrepreneurship. And in a comparison of very different tax plans from our presidential candidates, Joe dream will either come to fruition of become a dream deferred.

The ultimate goal of every American is success. That is what my family-and millions of others- migrated to this country for. Joe, a plumber in Ohio, has taking the initial steps to realize his dream. He would like to own the plumbing company he has dedicated himself to for the past 10+ years. According to Senator McCain, under the McCain administration Joe can buy the plumbing business and live happily ever after. But McCain is adamant that under the Obama administration, Joe's dream will be stifled. Obama is playing Robin Hood, robbing the rich of $5 in taxes and giving it to those who make under $250K. Sadly, Joe will not be unable to afford to take over the business because of the tax increase in the Obama plan.

Let's dissect Obama's tax plan, shall we? If earnings above $250k will be taxed 39% (instead of 36%), and Joe-The Plumber makes $350k, he would pay $39k instead of $36k in taxes on that $100k. Essentially he's paying $3000 more per $100k that he makes above $250k. How is this going to prevent him from buying the business??

I started my own business this year. I will be the first to tell Joe-The Plumber...that extra $3k in taxes he is paying is the LEAST of his concerns. There are so many hoops and hurdles, it is exhausting. If all I had to do was give up $3k in taxes, I would have done this a long time ago. Is he serious?

There is sacrifice in pursuing the American Dream, Joe, McCain, and Republican America. That dream is realized for some people earlier than others, but it is important that it is at least a possibility in the mind's eye for all. So if taking 3% from one to give to another makes Obama Robin Hood himself...I'll go out and buy him that green outfit. He already has the ears!


Ms. S said...

Nice! I love how your blog is evolving.

I like how you put this politic issue into perspective. You're right. $3K is the LEAST of his concerns.

DorchestersDaughter said...

I found out Joe isn't even a registered voter. And he is damn near 50! He has no voice but they gave him hours and hours of dedication? Let's get back to MY issues, I've been voting since I was legally allowed, damn it!

MyMoneyDream said...

He is not a license plumber either!