Friday, October 24, 2008

Friday Fuck You; Insomnia

For years I have had problems getting a full night's sleep. On a good night I sleep four consecutive hours, wake up, and nap periodically until it is finally time to get up. Yes, a good night. Any other time I sleep three to four hours and wake up. There's no napping, just a lot of late night programming on tv. They say "the freaks come out at night" for a reason. Late night tv is CRAZY

But I digress. I hadn't realized it was unnatural until recently when oh-wise-one himself (KB, for those who have not yet caught on to the fact that my boyfriend is somehow an expert on everything) declared me as an insomniac. Either way, what is important is that I need sleep. ASAP.

To Insomnia I say; Fuck You. Nighty night, I will sleep tight!

I spent a few minutes online researching natural remedies for insomnia. I refuse to take medication for this because the horror stories are far worse than a lil lack of sleep. Because I love you guys-my poor sleepless lovies- I've listed some of those natural remedies below;

  • Sleeping on your back relieves the pressure on your organs. It is easier to fall asleep and stay asleep.
  • Drink Chamomile tea
  • Do nothing stimulating right before bed; no listening to hardcore rap or rock. All that headbangin is not good for the weary. Also avoid foods and beverages with caffeine.
  • Try being more physically active during the day
  • Take a warm bath
  • (and my favorite) Have sex.


Ms. S said...

LMBO at "To Insomnia I say; Fuck You. Nighty night, I will sleep tight!"

If only it was that easy!

Shoot I am so sleep deprived that once I get to sleep, I am knocked out. KO!

What I don't understand is how I starve myself of sleep by not going to bed right away. I stay up, researching this and that FOR NO REASON adn then shit... it's 2am. It's like I can't go to bed right away even when I say I want to.

The only explanation is perhaps my body is forcing myself to do something mindless (even if it's a wastr of time) to make up from working hard all day. It's forcing me to chill even though sleep may be more beneficial.

DorchestersDaughter said...

No, with you it's just because it is you, lol. You are ALWAYS ON.