Friday, October 17, 2008

It's Funny...

I tell my cousin to be careful of the words she speaks. When she says she is going to fall, she falls. When she says she thinks she is coming down with something, she is flu-stricken. Time and time again, I've told her to watch what she says...maybe I should take my own advice.

KB has a thing for these two women;
Now they are gorgeous, don't get me wrong. Two beautiful minority women! But because it is KB, I always got jokes. What do they have in common? They both have a lazy eye! It is too easy, I have to poke fun.

"why you pick the two only women in Hollywood with a lazy eye? Is that your thing? Not a big butt, not a coke bottle body, not long legs, you have a thing for a lady with a lazy eye". And I would go hard with it too.

So imagine the irony when I went to the eye doctor today and she explained to me why my left eye is so weak. Turns out I have Keratoconus, which she then went onto say is commonly known as a...yeah...a freakin lazy eye! WTH?!

I mean obviously it isn't as bad as it could be. I mean it is a lazy eye not a wandering eye. But how messed up is it that I have been chucklin for the past few years over this and it's true! He really does have a thing for a lazy eyed lady. Yall, if it wasn't me I'd think this is hysterical!

Ms. S, I tell you all the time, it is amazing what words can do.

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Ms. S said...

LMFAO! Not at the fact that you have a lazy eye... but at the irony of it all!! What was KB's reaction?

I learned my lesson(s)... I'm keeping mum for now on!