Friday, October 3, 2008

Friday Fuck You-Healthcare

In this special edition of Friday Fuck You, I am going to focus on one issue where I'd like to proclaim my new Friday mantra.

Fuck You. I will STILL be seen at an outside health care facility.

Confused? Let me clarify. My daytime hustle is at a hospital in Boston (for obvious reasons the facility shall remain nameless). The way our health insurance works is that we pay deductibles- for day surgeries etc- if we are seen at any other facility. So when I had a cyst this past July, I was seen in house. They drained the cyst and sent me on my merry way, assuring me that I would be the picture of health in a few short days.

Now imagine my surprise this week Monday, when I started to feel a twinge of pain. Imagine the awe on Wednesday night when I couldn't sleep because the pain had become excruciating. Imagine the look of disgust on my face when I went to my pcp and was told that the cyst resurfaced and would have to be drained YET AGAIN.

Reluctantly, I took heed to her warning and saw a surgeon. The pain was so unbearable that I opted to do it at the same facility where I see my pcp. He told me without a doubt, it would continue to recur unless I have surgery to remove all the infected tissue. Essentially saying that I was lied to by the Resident at my place of employment (and something told me to write down that fool's name!) What the craze?

Can you quite grasp how insanely furious I am? All of the pain I have gone through this week could have very well been avoided if that simpleton informed me of this the first time around. I mean, I will have to be CUT OPEN A THIRD TIME IN THE SAME SPOT. Why wouldn't he have known that as a medical professional?

You feel me?

So while the recession requires me to remain employed there (yes I am that mad), I will no longer receive my health care there.

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